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1. Community Activities Sub-Committee
To research, formulate and promote community activities.

2. Community Affairs Sub-Committee
To study social policies involving women and to formulate the Federation's view on social issues.

3. Publicity & Publications Sub-Committee
To promote the Federation and be responsible for all publications.

4. Education & Training Sub-Committee
To provide education and certified training course for women, to organize employees retraining courses and to arrange employment counseling services.

5. International Affairs Sub-Committee
To promote HKFW internationally and to raise the awareness of women issues.

6. Membership Development Sub-Committee
To recruit new individual Members, Corporate Members and Associate Corporate Members, and to develop branches in appropriate times.

7. Members' Welfare Sub-Committee
To promote welfare, benefits and organize recreational activities for Members.

8. Administration & Finance Sub-Committee
To give advice to the Federation on matters of administration, human resources, finance and investment.

9. Legal Advice Hotline Sub-Committee
To provide preliminary legal advice to women on matters of matrimony, property, inheritance and bankruptcy through the Free Legal Advice Hotline Service.

10. Voluntary Services Sub-Committee
To promote voluntary works, to encourage members to assist in various programs and activities organized by Federation. If necessary, to offer support to Social Welfare Department in relation to voluntary services, and to provide voluntary services while appropriate to other community organizations when requested.

11. Women Entrepreneurs Sub-Committee
To strengthen the co-operation and to broaden exchanges between Hong Kong, Mainland China and international women entrepreneurs; to organize activities enhancing their business development in order to update their economic and political status.

12. Youth Leaders Sub-Committee
To nourish young women leaders; to liaise and exchange with youth organisations from local, Mainland and overseas countries.

13. Six Arts Sub-Committee
  To promote the development of local women talents in the modern Six Arts arenas, i.e., Musical Arts, Visual Arts, Liberal Arts, Performing Arts, Film and Television Arts and Physical Arts by organizing Arts-related activities and events.

14. Youth Leaders Alumni Sub-Committee
  To provide a platform for exchange and networking for the alumni of The Youth Leadership Million Dollars Training Programme; to enhance the quality of leadership skill of the young leaders through organizing events; and to encourage them to actively participate in Federations activities.

15. Honorary Presidents Liaison Sub-Committee
To liaise with Hon. Presidents and Hon. Vice Presidents to support the Federation's activities and organize fellowship gathering.

16. Corporate Members Liaison Sub-Committee
To liaise with Corporate Members and Associate Corporate Members in supporting and participating in the Federation's activities and to enhance communications.
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