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The 4th Youth Leadership Million Dollars Training Programme
Opening for Application NOW!

  To gainan edge in this competitive world, Hong Kong as a cosmopolitan city must strive to strengthen, upgrade and enhance the quality of its people. In step with the up-rising social status of women, the Hong Kong Federation of Women (HKFW) takes the initiative of providing all-round leadership training to future women leaders of Hong Kong, developing their talents, strengths and abilities.

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Objectives: Towards Leadership Excellence

  1. To instill in young women a sense of deep rooting in Hong Kong; to arise in them a passion for Hong Kong and Mainland China and to broaden their scope of international vision.
  2. To cultivate leadership ability in young women, to instigate them to become more concerned with community affairs and to encourage them to take active roles in serving their community.
  3. To enhance and liaise networking and cultural exchange between women of different social background in Hong Kong and China

Deadline: 31 October 2014 *(Deadline will be postpone to 30 November 2014)

For futher information, please find the Programme leaflet as the link below. To apply, please fill in the application form and send it by Email: or Fax to 2833 6909, attn: Ms. Sandra Lee.

Download:The 4th Youth Leadership Million Dollars Training Programme and Application Form


Please forward inquiries to: Hong Kong Federation of Women Limited
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