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Seminar on the Second-round Political Reform Consultation by the Secretary for Justice, Mr. Rimsky Yuen, S.C., J.P.

HKFW strives to care about Hong Kong affairs and concern on constitutional development. On 28th February, HKFW organized a seminar on second round constitutional development by Mr. Rimsky Yuen S.C., the Secretary for Justice, the seminar provided a platform to women for exchanging their views and gather different views on political reform.

The seminar was well received by over 600 participants. Female representatives from different professions and sectors attended and exchanged their views on the political reform at the seminar.

Rimsky Yuen stated that since Hong Kong is a pluralistic society, the HKSAR Government understands that constitutional development is an extremely controversial issue. In response to some people in the community suggested that the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPCSC) to withdraw its August 31 decision. But in fact, it is impossible that NPCSC withdraws its August 31 decision since it is under the Basic Law and “constitutional basis”. Yuen also stated that the Central Government, the HKSAR Government and the vast majority of Hong Kong people are eager to see an election of Chief Executive by universal suffrage, while the HKSAR government is making tireless and pragmatic efforts to facilitate the building of consensus within the Hong Kong community. Lastly, Yuen emphasized that the electoral system can be further refined, and the democratic development can continue to move forward.

HKFW appeals to different sectors of the community to discuss in a rational and pragmatic manner and forge consensus under the Basic Law and the framework laid down by the Decision of the NPCSC, so that five million eligible voters can elect the next CE through "one person, one vote" in 2017 as scheduled.





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